with a comprehensive strategy session and wardrobe styling appointment, my team, and I will work closely with you to groom and coach you, designing a specific plan of action so you’ll know exactly what to do on the day of your photo session.

You can rest assured that on the day of your photography session, you will feel 100% confident and prepared to work with us to create stunning images perfectly customized for your unique business brand—images that tell your story and position you as a leader in your industry.

Because I only do personal brand photography, my team and I provide a number of specialized, distinct advantages. Our collaborative process combines all the elements I believe are essential to visually showcase and elevate your brand.

Our Signature Brand Image Elevation Service includes the following:

  • Brand storyline development

  • Branding and social media strategy sessions

  • Visual storytelling concepts

  • Professional wardrobe styling

  • Concierge grooming and beauty service

  • Posing techniques and props

  • Image replication

  • Lighting assistant and makeup artist on location during photo session

  • State-of-the-art lighting and equipment

  • Each session includes both in-studio and on-location shoots

  • Professional photo editing by a digital technician

Each story provides 30 images. Each session is 2–4 stories. This means that you will have between 60-120 high-end, magazine quality images to use for all of your marketing, blogging, and social media needs.

I follow a strategic process that is simple, fun, intuitive, and highly effective!

What to Expect


Pre-Production Strategy


First, I will send you a link to an online discovery survey and questionnaire that I will ask you to complete.


Next, we’ll schedule your first strategy session phone call or, if you prefer, an in-person meeting. This initial strategy session, along with the answers you provide on your questionnaire, help me to determine the following:

1.    Your main challenges and objectives
2.    How you’d like to serve your audience
3.    Your brand’s most important attributes


We’ll then work out our shared vision, exchange suggestions and ideas, and determine the final “stories” you’d like to tell your viewers with your new brand images (you’ll choose between 2–4 stories per session). With this information, I’ll customize a program tailored to your specific business brand needs and goals. I’ll highlight all of this in a session summary and send it to you.


I’ll begin work on all the pre-production elements. This includes scheduling a date that works for both you and my team, scouting locations, taking care of location permits and fees if necessary (our clients are responsible to pay any required location fees), and scheduling the hair stylist and makeup artist as well as the wardrobe stylist consultation. Our Personal Wardrobe Stylist offers a few upgrades to the basic styling service that is included in your photo package. You can read more about what is included in your package, as well as the upgrades and options, in the wardrobe stylist section on page 14. Once you choose your wardrobe styling package, she will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.


I’ll work closely with you on prop ideas, visual story concept development, posing techniques, and photo selection ideas to make sure I nail down every aspect of what you’re looking for in your images. 


I’ll provide you with a pre-prep guide and day-of production guide prior to our session. These include everything from what to do the day before your photo session to maps, a schedule, and pertinent contact information. My team will have the same contact information, schedule, and maps, ensuring that our production runs smoothly.

You'll arrive feeling fabulous and well prepared.

Through years of experience, I’ve developed my systems to make sure everything comes together quickly to create a perfect customized plan for you. On the day of the photo session, you’ll arrive feeling fabulous and well prepared, knowing what to expect and ready to work with us to create the perfect images to showcase your business and celebrate your brand

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