What should my visual stories consist of?

                                                         behind visual stories is to provide your target audience with a robust variety of authentic, powerful images that tell who you are and what you are all about, so that they feel as if they know you. This will create a strong level of trust and encourage them to want to do business with you. Story lines can include photos taken on location pretty much anywhere you would like, including lifestyle images, in-studio portraiture, event and keynote speech coverage, television appearances, live performances, book signings, launch parties, on-the-job candids, board room presentations, you serving your clients, or with your family, in your home or your office, participating in favorite hobbies or sports, with a variety of props, in a variety of outfits, etc. We will explore ideas in depth during your strategy session to ensure that we capture images that present you as powerful, purposeful, and authentic, with a look that is tailored to your premium offerings while appealing to your target audience.  

  • Lifestyle images

  • In-studio portraiture

  • Event and keynote speech coverage Television appearances and podcasts Live performances

  • Book signings

  • Launch parties

  • On-the-job candids

  • Board room presentations

  • You and/or your team working or serving your clients

  • You with your family or your pets

  • In your home or office

  • On vacation

  • Participating in your favorite hobbies or sports

  • With an assortment of props that relate to who you are, what you do, and what you love

The idea behind story lines it to portray you as a leader in your industry while helping your audience feel connected to you. Your stories can include photos taken on location pretty much anywhere you would like. Some ideas include:

We’ll go above and beyond to provide you a concierge-like experience. We’ll spoil the heck out of you with little extras. We’ll provide lunch and snacks to keep your energy level up throughout the shoot, and we’ll have plenty of water on hand to make sure you stay hydrated. We’ll also have wine available, which many of my clients find helps them relax so I can capture the perfect shot! 

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