Production Time and Resource Overview

When you’re looking to upscale your brand to the next level, personal brand photography is a critical business investment. 

                          most commercial photographers charge royalties and usage fees, I give my clients unlimited usage rights to your photos with no usage fees! I only charge for the time, expertise, and creative efforts of myself and my team. 

Everything listed below is essential to providing you with the beautiful, customized, authentic imagery you are counting on to elevate your brand. I provide an image elevation solution, which incorporates much more than just taking photos. Below I’ve listed the average amount of time that my team and I spend on each stage of the process per session. This will vary of course, depending upon how many stories we are doing per session.

12-15 hrs

Pre-production and strategy

8-10 hrs

Photographer day rate

8-10 hrs

Photographer assistant day rate

4-6 hrs

Makeup artist/hair stylist day rate (for women)

1-2 hrs

Professional stylist and grooming (for men)

3-4 hrs

Wardrobe stylist

14-20 hrs


Your Investment

After trying a number of different package sizes and pricing options, I realized that this isn’t simple headshot photography, and I want my clients to have a large number of the incredible branding images from their photo sessions, not just a few! So I decided to offer packages in a story format, giving you the option to choose two, three, or four stories in a Single Session service with 30 images per story, OR you can save a substantial amount by subscribing to our VIP Quarterly Subscription service! 

Signature Brand Image Elevation Services:

A. Single Session Service

  • 2-4 stories at $1,250 each (minimum $2,500, up to $5,000)

  • Payment due in full when contract is signed

  • 30 images per story included

  • You will receive 60-120 edited, high resolution images depending on how many stories you choose

B. VIP Quarterly Subscription Service

  • 4 stories for $3,000 every 4 months ($750 per story)

  • ($8,000 savings annually!)

  • Payments made monthly ($1,000 per month)

  • First payment due when contract is signed

  • Subsequent payments due on the 1st of each month

  • You will receive 120 edited, high resolution images each quarter; 480 images annually!

**Additional expenses may be incurred if a venue requires a location fee to shoot on their premises, or for advanced photo retouching requests, additional images above and beyond those you receive in your package, prop purchases, or wardrobe styling additions (at your discretion).

All Packages Include

  • Brand storyline development 

  • Branding and social media strategy sessions

  • Visual storytelling concepts

  • Professional wardrobe styling

  • Concierge grooming and beauty service 

  • Posing techniques and props

  • Image replication

  • Lighting assistant and makeup artist on location 
    during photo session

  • State-of-the-art lighting and equipment

  • Each session includes both in-studio and on-location shoots

  • Professional photo editing by a digital technician



Benefits of choosing the VIP Quarterly Subscription Service

  • Same service as the single sessions but on a quarterly basis for a much lower cost!

  • Substantial annual discount of $8,000

  • Consistently fresh visual content for blogs, newsletters, social media, speaker submissions, publications, etc.

  • Four stories per session, sixteen stories per year

  • 480 custom, magazine quality images annually

  • New story coverage throughout the year as your business grows

  • Variety of locations, including speaking and other public appearances, television and radio segments, events, at your home or office, in-studio, etc.

  • Seasonal changes and wardrobe style variations to diversify your look  and stay on trend

  • Familiarity with our team and our process, making your quarterly photo sessions simple, comfortable and fun

  • You may cancel your subscription at any time after your most recent quarterly session has been paid

For single session clients each full story production costs $1,250, with a minimum of two stories and a maximum of four stories.

VIP subscription members will receive four stories on a quarterly basis and pay just $750 per story.

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