Hi I’m Becki. A San Diego-based, late-night Pinterest stalker, touter of holistic health, Amazon Prime patron, and personal brand photographer.

I help my clients create high-end, signature images that tell their brand story in a way that  spotlights  them as the expert that they are!  

I followed my entrepreneurial spirit a few years ago when I began a full-time personal brand photography business, combining my corporate background in marketing and process improvement with my lifelong passion for photography.

I now get to help others fullfill their own dreams, become leaders in their industry, and grow their business by using signature images!

Partnerships and Affiliations:


I definitely have a discerning (read obsessive) eye for detail. I crave visual beauty, elegance, cohesiveness, and vivid colors.

​My photos have been featured in numerous print and online publications 

and I am the Branding and Marketing Photographer for Discover North County and Discover Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Styled Magazines.

My husband and I live in Banker’s Hill near Balboa Park. When I’m not working you can find me visiting with my family and friends, attending charity events and fashion shows, or at the nearest Whole Foods Market or Jimbo's, while taking beautiful photos everywhere I go for fun social media shares

In love and magnificent photographs!  


Images that tell your story and position you as a leader in your industry.


You are exceptional, full of bold moves and limitless dreams, and  your business reflects this with its own unique character -  this is your brand!  

You are the face of your business, and your personal brand is the lens through which you will be perceived, evaluated, and hired.

Let your photos tell your brand story and show who you are, what you have achieved, and where you are going! 

Why choose our service?

We provide a distinct concierge-style advantage.    Our Brand Image Elevation service includes much more than great photography, it covers all of the areas that we believe are essential for you to showcase your brand powerfully to your audience through your photos.  

Beginning with a deep dive strategy session and wardrobe styling appointment, my team and I will work closely with you to groom, coach,  and design a specific plan of action so that you know exactly what to do on the day of your photo session.   Multiple locations,  beauty service for women, grooming service for men, a collection of elegant, professional  wardrobe looks, brand storyline development,  image duplication, and more!

I use a blend of portrait, editorial, and lifestyle photography techniques to capture images that elevate and empower, while clearly conveying the heart and soul of your brand!


After our photo session we will meet to look through your photos and I can help you determine how best to leverage your new image assets for your website, social media, blog,  and other marketing needs. This includes cropping to all of the standard social media sizes, special requests, retouching, and more.  When we are done you will have an image library of magazine-quality photos, all showcasing you and your brand, to connect with your target audience!

A visual brand is the personality of your company or product, created by the touchpoints between it and the world. Every image you share must therefore have your brand’s unique “signature style” that is instantly recognizable to your audience.  

Creating your Brand Legacy with signature images is easy.  You just need the right photographer to help you communicate your vision!

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