San Diego Luxury Magazine Opportunity
Increase your exposure to influential clientele in the finest of San Diego communities!

                                                                             as partnered with Discover Magazines, a luxury-styled magazine in San Diego, California, to bring a great opportunity for her San Diego clients to be featured in the magazine, whether it be in an article, an ad, or on the cover!

Print marketing will advance the value and professionalism of your business, while exposing you to an elite audience all around San Diego who may not have an opportunity to learn about your business otherwise. These are beautiful, elegant magazines that also contain excellent literary content. They are delivered via direct mail to only the finest communities throughout San Diego and North County, and also hand-delivered to upscale locations with a 100,000+ readership.

Since you will already have stunning, professional photography from our photo session, you will be one step ahead of the competition, ready to include your beautiful images on the cover, or in branding article or ad within the magazine. We have copy editors and graphic designers to help you write your article or design your ad, and the cost for all is minimal compared to other local magazines.

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