Personal Brand Photography

As a creative entrepreneur or influencer, your time is money.

You have a split second to hold a potential client’s attention. You already know that the quality of the images that you use is what drives engagement with your brand and is therefore vital to the success of your business. Right now, the hottest commodity for entrepreneurs and influencers like yourself is an active and attentive audience that trusts in your brand.

Currently, the people that are standing out from all the white noise online are the ones that share their stories with their audience. Stories hold your viewers’ attention by connecting on a personal and emotional level using personal brand photography.


With instagram alone receiving over 95 million posts every day, you can’t compete in your market without outstanding images that convey your brand perfectly.

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Steven Ybarra

Musician and Owner of Steven Ybarra Music

Beci Freed Quote


Becki took branding and media photos of me for my electronic press kit. The photos were incredible and timeless, and I used them in my campaign launch! Thank you so much Becki Freed Legacy Photography for doing a first-class job on my branding, media, and PR photography!

Fun fact- "The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And it happens in 1/10th of 1 second!"

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Invest in your brand.

An investment with an actual financial return.

We know you and your business are unique and will have specific needs. That’s why we customize our services around your business needs.  We simplify the process by suggesting only the services that would best help your business and your brand. 


When you add us to your team, you can rest assured that you now have a professional photography studio behind you ready to make growing your business a priority. 

Contact us . We’ll set up the initial meeting (either in person if local or via Skype) to discuss your vision, your brand and set up the best plan of action for you.

Personal Brand Photography for your business is essential for your success!